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>> Tuesday, April 21

For the past few days I have been trying hard to find different ways for the average shopper out there to find my shop. I've been scouring the forums and decided to post some things I have found out about. Hopefully you can use one of these tips to increase your site traffic too!

1. This is a new site that you can submit your work to (a picture and your shop link). It is a good site because they moderate the quality of work that is shown, so make sure your pictures are really good before you submit them! I submitted 2 of my designs yesterday and am waiting to hear if they have been accepted.

2. From what I hear, in the past it was a pain in the neck for sellers to upload their items to Google Base, which essentially lets your products turn up in Google searches. Recently Etsy made some changes and apparently it's much easier to use the RSS feed for Google Base. Apparently in the past you would have to upload each of your items individually, and then redo it every month as it expired. But now you can do it one time, where it updates itself automatically. I still don't really understand how all of it works, but I followed these directions and it was really easy.

Maybe in the next day or 2 I will see a difference from adding these sources. I will keep you posted on how it goes!


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